This article explains how to create a new reusable task and how to enter a long text description.

<aside> 👷 Written by @Jonas Stamm


This article explains how to create new reusable tasks (typically known as short text) and how to add a formatted long text description.


In order to follow the steps in this article, you must have a user in Molteo. If you do not have a user, read this article about how your administrator can add a new user.

In addition, you must have a user (including login (email & password)) with the appropriate permissions.

Steps to create a new task

  1. Click on any project.

  1. Go to the (+) symbol at the bottom right to add a new schedule or registration. Alternatively, click on an existing plan or a registered entry.

  1. In the new submenu, scroll down to the Tasks tab and click on the (+).

  1. Click on Task and then on the (+) in the upper left corner.

  1. You can now enter the desired short description in the free text field. In the future, this will be saved for easy re-selection and will also be shared with other colleagues in your company.

How to add a long text to a task

You will often have cases in your company where the short text of a task does not provide enough information about the task performed, in which case you can add a long text to each short text to document, for example, the floor, the workflow or the difficulties during construction.

  1. First click on any project.