A Step by Step guidie to Plan, Register and Approve work Hours.

<aside> 👷 Written by @Emil Kirchheiner


If you have successfully logged in with your email and password via app.molteo.de and created a first employee and a project, use the menu on the left and click on hours. Click here if you have not yet created an employee or here if you have not yet created a project before proceeding with the further steps.


After you have decided on one or several employees and projects, hold your mouse pointer ↖️ over a cell below a weekday next to a project. You should now be able to see the following button.



This shows you the employees available to you in the lower part. With one click the following menu opens.


Select one or more employees here who you want to plan for the specific project. After clicking on one or more employees, they now appear in the view and are successfully planned 🙌.

Then try to drag one of the employees to another date or project with a push and pull gesture. You have now successfully rescheduled it.


Now navigate with the mouse in the lower right edge of the screen and click on the gray button. Now select in the list and note how the symbols of the employees change.


The displayed yellow tick lets you confirm assignments and thus working hours in one click.


As we know, there are often spontaneous changes in planning. Therefore, click on the entry you just registered and change the start and end times.


Note how the times you have selected are immediately visible in your employee entry.

Now only the confirmation of the working hours is missing, since the planning and registration of the working times can be carried out from all connected devices (iOS / Android), so you can scan and approve all entries before handing them over to your payroll accounting or the tax consultant.