In this article we explain how a foreman can register working hours in Molteo for individual or multiple employees on your IOS device.

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This article explains how you can register the time of your employees. We will differentiate between the registration for individual employees and for entire crews.

  1. In the project overview that is now visible, click on one of the projects.

  1. You now get a weekly overview and can view the scheduled employees on a daily basis.3. If you want to register a pre-planned assignment, long press on an employee and press register.

  1. The selected employee is now highlighted in yellow, and is ready to be approved by your responsible colleague.

  1. If you want to register the time for a crew, press the calendar symbol in the top right corner.

  1. In this view you have grouped your employees by working time and date. To register these employees collectively, swipe from left to right. The view should look like the following.

  1. To edit an entry beforehand, press the entry. Changes you make here are applied to all selected employees.

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